The series Twenty Fourteen represent the concept of the modern age thinking and submission to imposed ideologies. Through my work I explore the issues of suppression, substitution and socialisation.

We are  constantly being challenged by various institutions and third parties dismissing, disregarding and rewriting the principles of democracy.  The freedom of thinking, speaking and decision-making have been abolished. We are expected to comply, obey and adopt ideas and views. 

Deutscher (1967) believed that the longer an individual goes through the process of  the communist-era socialisation, the less he will support democracy and the more he will support state involvement in economy. 

Dominated minds typically do not understand their position or interests, they are not conscious of the fact that the situation is unjust and learn to accept the ideologies which cast the status quo as being legitimate. 

The subjects do not express any emotions, as they act as an empty shell, a body that has been abandoned by the mind in a process of socialisation and the individual thinking substitution with the communal consciousness.

The composition of the series support the idea of the society not being able to see and balancing on the edge between the reality and a virtual world created by dominant ideologies. Inverted position of the body implies the change in the subject’s perspective every time their ideas and views are being altered.

Two subjects of the opposite sex represent the submissiveness to external influences by both of the genders and the idea of each other’s ideology acceptance and adoption. 

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