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(You are no longer in charge Mr Man)

The project “You are no longer in charge Mr Man” represents the concept of virtual space and position of individual within it.

My work was inspired by Charlie Brooker’s television anthology series “Black Mirror”. The episodes belong to the speculative fiction genre and examine contradictory codependence between modern society and technology/media. Brooker paints a picture of a near future gone technologically awry.

Originally, I intended to create a project demonstrating the potential outcome of human’s dependence on technology.  We strive for comfort and invent gadgets and media that we hope will simplify our lives. However, constant innovations and further developments in the world of technology can have an opposite result to the one that we desire.

I began my research with exploration of films focusing on apocalypses such as “The Day the Earth Caught Fire” and dystopian societies that arouse from the conflict between various parties. I was going to capture the state of disaster, chaos and isolation, which I would show through the view of a single character who witnessed the unfolding events.

I have started building a story around the virus that could have been potentially developed by the AI and spread around the humans. The P-Virus where “P” stands for “Pixelatus” would be contracted via various technological devices. Individuals would have a week since the day of contraction. The virus spread would come in stages:

Stage 1: Activation of previously inactive departments of a brain

Stage 2: Transformation of the physical body. The skin surface would be changing its structure to resemble pixels

Stage 3: Disintegration of the body. The matter would become a part of the grid controlled by AI and The Cloud. They would gather human intelligence to obtain the full control over everything alive.

I have started documenting the events of apocalypses by capturing photos of abandoned places, writing a diary of the survivor, producing articles. However, during my research and the process of the project development I have reassessed my ideas. I started coming to terms that the aftermath does not matter as such. The main conflict between the individual and technology starts from their first interaction.

We enter an absolutely new territory and space. It captivates and scares us at the same time, we gain power within this space, but loose control. It overwhelms us, intrigues us, lightens us up, destroys us. Technology and media can be a blessing or a deadly weapon. Therefore, I have decided to reflect the idea of the individual detachment and loss of the feeling of realty within the digital space. The idea is still inline with my original project, however now it is shown through the installation and the hologram.

The installation shows the number of the self-portraits taken by the “survivor”. His mind is changing, his body transforms into digital matter. He is becoming a part of the grid and the reality is unavoidably slipping through his fingers. He takes the photos again and again to prove to himself that he is still real, that he still exists.

The second part of the project involves the creation of a hologram that creates an effect of a ghostly figure levitating in space. This represents the transition from the real world into the digital space. The video reflects the feeling of entrapment and disturbance. The individual cannot escape and is bound to merge with the digital reality.

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